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Are we really Okay..

Are we really Okay…

How often do we use the word…

More than one can think of it.

The word 'okay' requires hardly any thinking and can be used to answer so many questions.

Nice, little versatile word which conveys so much.

The literal meaning of Okay or Ok is ' alright'. Neither too good nor bad. The word is used informally every now and then to express agreement or permission.

But the word has undergone a drastic change over a period of time. From okay… ok… k…

The time is not far when the word will actually vanish from our dictionaries.

With the growing popularity of text messaging culture the word has somewhere lost its sanity and respect.

We have either become too lazy or are we really 'okay' or not in real life.. ?

Whatever be the reason, the word is disappearing so fast. God please save my ' okay' as I am really not 'okay' with 'k'.

The words are dying.With them our emotions and feelings are also dying.Words are being shrunk to such an extent that sometime in future we shall all become mute as we would hardly be left out with words to express ourselves. Its such a pity.

We are bringing an end to the beautiful language. The words are losing their significance.

Using the shortened forms of words not only depicts poor writing skills, also unfortunately negatively affects the minds of young children. They often find it hard to differentiate between the real spelling of the word and their shortened avatars.

We have already messed up our lives with our own actions. And now we are destroying the language.. the very means of communication.

The' k' s may be convenient to write but on the contrary are becoming difficult to understand. They no longer convey what they are supposed to in a real sense.

I am still finding it hard to get accustomed to the text culture that is growing so fast. There are so many words which are getting lost these days. Should we really encourage and promote this… Think about it.

Hope my readers find my article 'okay', if not good enough to make them think of it and definitely not ' k'..

Have a good day.. 😊

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