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Broken Promise

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

The stars and the moon were the prime witnesses;

The skies noticed it ;

And the oceans acknowledged it.

When you looked into my eyes, held my hand and promised" To be there for me forever and always. "

The promise was sealed with a kiss

And I had a belief that you shall never dismiss.

For the bond we shared stood on pillars of faith.

But little did I know

The promise you made was nothing more than frozen ice.

No matter it looked so precise,

But still could not withstand the soaring temperatures with passing time.

I wept and mourned

When you bereft me and

left; I tried hard to get over the pain and forget;

It seemed like a well planned theft; which had a long lasting effect.

Still at times ,I find it hard to accept the truth.

And I blamed the destiny for why we ever met and I fell into your net and shall always regret.

For I believed that promises were always kept. 😞

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