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Getting over with it # breakup

I know you are not with me; 

But this was always destined to be. 

I cried  and wept; 

All promises unkept. 

I find this hard to accept. 

You have been in my thoughts of and on. 

And this makes me rot and sick at times.

I try and struggle hard to get rid of this pain. 

I train my brain… I shall now never let this happen again.

But all in vain. 

I assumed you were a gem;

Now I condemn. 

Maybe someday, I shall get over you

And  forgive and forget you. 

But your wicked intentions shall still haunt me at times… 

Being human I may not get over it at all. 

But that's not my fault. 

You fooled me with your fake love and stole my heart. 

And played very smart;

Until you broke it apart.

That was never a part of the draft. 

Now that we both have moved on;

I once again gather myself  in an attempt to restart my life afresh.

For it's a new dawn

and there is nothing left to mourn. 

Life is a one time blessing

And I just can't keep messing  and tarnishing it with your unpleasant memories. 

So here I shed this burden

And free myself from the bond we shared.

Once again to relive my life and find the love I deserve .

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