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Melancholic Air

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

The spring season is here

With all its flair

I am aware , though something inside me pricks

And is generating fear.

Where are you dear;

I look for you everywhere.

I am in tears.

No one sees and cares.

My feet are cold

beneath the folds of the blanket.

The cool wind makes its way through the window and all it does is makes me shiver.

The moonlight mocks at me

And asks the reason for the gloom and sadness.

Does it not know, the melancholic air has cast it spells and and is keeping my spirits low.

My heart aches and lays broken.

Desires all unspoken,

My world is shaken.

The sweet and bitter memories

has kept me awake all night.

I wish you were here and near

Never out of sight.

Warm sunny days,

The chirping of birds,

Blooming flowers,

Cool breeze,

happy smiling faces

Children in swings

The flutter of butterflies wings.

All are back again with spring

The cool showers and rain.

But all in vain

For you are gone.

And I don't know when we shall meet again.

Spring season is here again

in full swing

But the bell of my door never rings.

I anxiously wait and eyes all set

on the door.

Please stop playing hide and seek.

For tears now just roll down my cheeks.

Come back at once.

Don't let my hopes turn into despair.

Together we make an awesome pair.

The spring season is here again

with all its flair.

You are still not here.

That's so unfair

Melancholic air is the reason

My heart cries and is in pain.

Stop playing the games.

Come back at once;

For spring is back here again

Not a season for melancholic air to reign .

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