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Mood Swings

Mood swings

One moment making us happy and  cheer;

Other moments they  make us cry out in fear. 

Mood swings every now and then just pop up and disappear . 

Pain or pleasure

God knows what stands next in the row. 

Sometimes moods resemble  a pampered child to me throwing tantrums. 

Or they are like the shades of lip color

From sunkissed orange, cheerful pinks to dreadful reds

What shall you wear next? 

Moods, at times are like alluring girlfriends that cast their spell and can make one dance to their tunes.

Moods do at times resemble monsoon showers;

That brings with it tears of joy and grief at the same time. 

There are days when one lays broken and shattered

And struggle hard beneath the mountain of pain. 

And there are days when one feels fit and fine

Over the cloud 9.

Moods just hit and  make us their victim and cage us before we know. 

Smiles, laughter, anger, sadness, depression and happiness are its weapons. 

The rebellious emotions set the moods in motion. 

Alas! There is no potion to control the emotions.

When everyday is a struggle

Moods  on the swing adds to the trouble. 

Just cling on to the string

High and low, 

Here it goes

Moods on the swing. 


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