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Who is She...

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

She is a special human

created by God because He knew that His world would be incomplete without her.

He blessed her with the extraordinary powers;

The power to create and bring life into the world.

He bestowed her with qualities of compassion, patience and kindness.

He made her soft, gentle and delicate,

Yet a strong and capable one who has strength to endure the pain.

As a daughter, she is her father's pride.

As a mother, she is at her best.

She is a world to her children.

As a wife, she is her husband's companion in all good and bad times.

A woman knows how to string and keep all her relations together like the pearls in the necklace.

The world has judged and often misjudged her .

She has been subjected to trials and compelled time and again to prove her innocence .

Still she has faced the trials with dignity and carries a heart of gold that forgives and knows how to let things go.

If given her the wings;

She has the potential to touch the skies.

A woman battles everyday for her rights,

It's a pity that the world has never cared for her needs and dismissed her plight.

The world has always underestimated and tried to suppress her,

And created hindrances in her progress.

But little did it know that she is a woman.. Who knows how to find her way, against all the odds.

With every fall, she has always bounced back again with resilience.

From hall of shame to hall of fame,

Her life journey has been full

of ups and downs;

But has emerged as a winner in every situation.. For she is a woman of substance.

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