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Desirable 40's

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Desirable 40's

Congratulations! To all who had made this far. The new phase of life has just begun.

Life in one's 40's is much more desirable and comfortable as compared to 20's and30's. While 20's seem more charming and carefree, 40's are even more fascinating.

The 40's, 50's..all need to be celebrated.

Still a lot of us feel ourselves caught amidst mid life crises.

Feeling of getting old starts taking a toll on us. Life seems dull, monotonous and boring.

But hey! Enjoy this phase too. Life has always been a roller coaster ride. But hold on and relax.

Most of us are pretty much well settled in our lives with flourishing careers, families and children. At Least one knows by this time the direction one is heading towards. The choice has already been made earlier.

We have already survived the debacles and failures in life. The experiences in life have made us much more strong, mature and wise. Do not let the petty issues bother one anymore.

We all are sailing in the same boat. Everyone passes through this phase. Stop mourning. It won't do any good. The best moments are yet to come. It' s all in the mind how one accepts change and sails smoothly.The age should add grace to one' s personality. Go with the flow. Life is not about competing. The Rat Race does no good. It doesn' t matter who reached where. The destination is not the subject matter. The course of the journey is important.If one has a roof over his head, enjoys good food and reasonable standard of living then one is certainly blessed.Peace of mind is more important. Most of the time people get depressed and jealous of others' success and achievements. The grass always seems greener on the other side. But everyone has had their share of struggles. In the process one loses the pleasures and fun which life offers.

Simplify life. Do not complicate things.

We are now a better version of what we were yesterday. The experiences in life have made us much more confident. Never underestimate oneself. Still the little upgrades do no harm.

Few lifestyle changes are needed for one' s good health and wellbeing. Exercise, meditate. Explore one' s inner self. Give time to oneself. Eat healthy.. Laugh a little more. Always have a positive attitude towards life.

Invest in long term relationships. Take time out for the ones you have always loved and cared for. Take breaks from busy schedules. Travel.. Explore new places. It does wonders. Don' t let the gloom and dullness empower you. Keep the excitement alive.

Plan for retirement if not made arrangements earlier. Financial stability is a must. Always plan and save for the future.

If you think of life as a burden then surely it is. On the other hand if one thinks of life as a blessing then life has so much in store to offer.. more than one can hold.

Have fun filled 40' s. Black, blue, grey, white, red hair… all suits at this age. Be comfortable in one' s own skin. Socialise.. Meet old friends.. Do not stay confined to one' s own shell. Rekindle the long lost romance in marital relationships. If single , do not hesitate and go on a date. Its always a worthwhile to have a suitable partner than living all by oneself. Although its a personal choice. Nothing wrong in being naughty in one's forties. Healthy flirtations are desirable but should be within limits.

Life is a blessing. Do not waste it. The beauty of life is in its movement.. It keeps moving. So why should we be stuck at one place and stop enjoying the pleasures. There are worries at every stage and age of life. One makes way for the other. There is no beginning and end to it. Life has always been like this. Ease the burden . Learn the skills. Emerge as a winner and not a loser. Do what makes one happy. Don' t fall prey to social stigma. It's us who form the society. People will criticise from nothing to everything. The power to be happy or not is in one' s own hands.Take a stand.. when needed.

And cheers.. For life begins at forties..🥰

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