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My journey as a writer...

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

My journey as a writer.. 

It has just begun and I know it's a long one… I didn't  realize my potential until I started taking my writing work seriously.

 The journey has been an amazing one till now.Everyday I am learning new things. Though it's not been easy. 

Writers are born. Yes they are not made.. Not that everyone can write.If they can..they cannot express what they would like to convey. Only a handful can express what they feel through writings. Thoughts are the same. As humans, we all, in general,more or less experience the same emotions and  think on the same lines .Though the way one expresses  these thoughts makes a lot of difference. This is here where the real creativity lies. As a writer, I love to play with the words to express my thoughts.  A good writer should have the ability to connect with  its reader's emotions  and should be able to hit the right chord  through words. Words should have a deep impact on readers' minds. This matters a lot  when one writes. 

Many people ask me.. How can you write so effortlessly?… The answer to this is very simple.. It's the blessings of maa Saraswati who has chosen me  to write. Before I start writing, I seek her blessings. To be a writer, one needs to be a great observer. I take inspiration from my surroundings.  What I see and feel strongly about is what entices me to write.This makes writing all the more easier and pleasurable  for me. When I write, I reveal a piece  of me in my every writing. I have always tried to add a personal touch at times by sharing my own personal experiences. When I write, I write with my heart. The pen only acts as  the medium to write. 

A writer never forces his/ her thoughts  on others.. For it's a sin. Their writings are just how they see and perceive things in general. I remember, once a friend of mine gave me a piece of advice when I started writing. He had said.. Do not write until you are fully convinced with the subject matter.A writer should be able to prove his/ her view point and be able to provide evidence if required. So this makes me one of my greatest critics. As a writer, I need to exercise patience when people judge me through my writings. I should be capable of defending my writings in all circumstances . My words should carry weight and that weight should not be a burden on me. Next my writing  has to be at par  and within the community standards. I owe the responsibility for  what I write. I need to respect society norms by being a part of it . I need to exercise caution here. 

Then the other question which people often ask me is, " Who do I idolize? " And I answer, " No one in particular. Even a thorn can inspire me at times. A writer has the ability to easily connect with anyone. It's natural and not forced. 

Writers  belong to sensitive breeds. What offends us the most is not that you don't acknowledge our work  but you being insensitive and rather imposing your views on us. As a writer I don't force  my readers to agree with me if they are not in sync with my thoughts. The same, I expect from people. We give you the right to criticize us but not the right to force us into believing what seems right to you. Although we are always eveready to correct ourselves  at times, if genuinely there's a need to. When you form opinions on these grounds, it hurts us the most. 

 When do I write? A writer has no fixed hours of work. It's the urge to write that plays a major role here. Sometimes a writer's mind is just plagued by thoughts, at other times a writer may go even blank for days, months together. 

Do I enjoy my writing work? Undoubtedly, A big YES. For me writing has always been an easy escape from this world. It gives me a lot of satisfaction.Personally it helps me to de-stress. It has given  me wings.  

For a writer each creation  of theirs is a precious, timeless treasure. 

To be a  good writer ,one needs to be a reader first. And when it comes to reading…it's not just limited to reading books, I have always loved reading what's going on in other people's minds too. I don't know  about other writers but this is my favorite pastime activity. I love to connect with my readers and expect them to share their views on what I write. 

Your feedback is very important to us as they help us a lot in improving our weak points. We always expect our readers to share it because when you do this.. We feel our efforts are not wasted. 

Thanks for reading this. 

Author Mukta Kapur

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