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Floating Goodness

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Does it really have any final destination.. Or simply keeps floating from one channel to another. The chain seems to have no end.. It starts with the beginning of dawn and goes on and on.. What is it.. Any guesses..

Definitely when I use the term ' floating goodness'.. It refers to the non stop movement of quotes and messages which keeps popping every now and then on our social media.. Be it whats app, facebook..

Good, inspiring, motivational, love, hate, trust, care ,divine quotes that we receive and send everyday.. everytime ..

Welcome to the digital era where communication and self expressions have taken a back seat and lost its significance. There are quotes for every mood and state.

Human beings are supposed to be the most superior among all the living creatures. God made them in His very own image. Most importantly blessed man with the power of speech.. to communicate and express oneself which no other creature on the planet enjoys till date. No matter how many achievements are credited to science and technology.

But look.. What have we done to this special power.. Of course being the smartest of all.. Man has used his intelligence and brains and created quotes and emojis to convey from nothing to everything as per convenience in this digital era. Whereas on the other hand ruined his own ability to self express and communicate.

The quotes have become our crutches as we no longer feel the desire and have the patience to express our thoughts and feelings in our very own personal way . We have become dependent on them so much.

Of course I am not against this goodness. The quotes are always fabulous. Nothing wrong with them. If it doesn' t do any good it does not harm either.

When it comes to sending goodness… we all are so generous. Our generosity has no limits. We love to shower others with such pleasant vibes so much so that one can easily get suffocated under its weight. We all want others to benefit from it rather than being a little selfish and keeping something for our own personal well being. At the end of the day most of us are pretty much the same. And this somewhere reminds me of the game ' passing the parcel' which we played during our childhood days. Only the lucky one gets to hold the parcel and receives all the goodies. Otherwise the goodness parcel just keeps on exchanging hands.

When we express our thoughts and feelings through quotes we are actually using the second hand medium of communication. It's an indirect form of communication rather than being the direct source.

The quotes seem superfluous and artificial at times . It seems to hold no value and feelings.

Take for instance.. Someone we know dies. What do most of us do? We all are good preachers. Moreso our quotes portray us one. Most of us would just end up sending a text message ' RIP' to their family members. We would not even bother to write its full form; 'Rest in Peace'. It's like fulfilling one's moral obligation. Phone calls are replaced by text messages and now text messages are also being replaced by quotes.

Sending quotes and messages is a kind and sweet gesture. But don' t you think and agree that it is much sweeter and nicer when actually once in a while we can take time out from our busy lives and inquire about others' well-being by just texting or calling them and asking ' Is everything okay with them? Are they doing well? It will have a more emotional and positive impact on the ones we care about. This explains the need to communicate and self express.

Self expressions are important. We are not robots. A sincere advice from the heart. Please be a little more compassionate when one communicates. Let us all try to be a better version of ourselves and make this world a better place to dwell in.

I sincerely apologise to the people who do not agree with me. The thoughts conveyed in this article are my personal views and not written with intention to cause hurt to anyone' s feelings. Please do keep sending quotes but also at the same time try not to lose the power one is blessed with.. Communication..

Thank you.

Note: The term Floating goodness does not include the knowledge and news which we receive and send on digital platforms.

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