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Mesmerizing Saree

Writing my first lifestyle blog.. So I'm feeling quite excited. It should have a rocking start... What could be better than writing about our very own classy, sensual and exquisite Indian female dress Saree. This humble six yard piece of rectangular garment has always been in vogue. A nicely draped saree attracts the attention of almost

everyone. It has been the most cherished piece of garment of Indian women for centuries.

An Indian woman's wardrobe is never complete unless it has a nice collection of sarees. It has an aura of elegance. It has always adorned the beauty of Indian women. It is not just an ordinary piece of garment. It is a magical dress that has the ability to transform a simple, plain, modest woman into an epitome of beauty, grace and elegance. What's more, it suits all body shapes so well.

I have always had a fascination for sarees since my childhood

days. My mom was a teacher in school and would usually wear a saree to school as it was the formal dress code. She would drape the saree so well, with all the pleats tucked in neatly and pallu pinned to her left shoulder. I could not take my eyes off her. OMG! She looked so charming and graceful.

I remember when I was in school , me and my friends would beg our teachers in school to let us be teachers on Teacher's Day which falls on 5th September, which is the birth anniversary of a great teacher and honourable first Vice President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.Every year the day is celebrated to acknowledge the contributions of teachers in our lives. Wearing an Indian dress like a saree was one of the ways of showing respect to our honourable teachers. Although it is a sin to compare ourselves with our respected teachers.They play a significant role in shaping our lives and are like role models for us. But for us teenage girls, the day also gave us an opportunity to wear a saree.None of us wanted to lose this golden chance of wearing a saree. There was so much excitement.

The school farewell offered us another valuable opportunity to wear a saree. Me and my friends started planning for it weeks before and arranged accessories, jewellery and stilettos that go well with the chosen saree. And why not… This was supposed to be an event of a lifetime. Each one of us wanted to look their best. Finally on the D day,we arrived at the farewell all dressed up in beautiful sarees. All the boys of our batch welcomed us and bowed down with respect as if we were queens or maharanis. It was so much fun. We clicked pictures of each other in striking poses and complemented each other.We all looked stunning and fabulous in sarees no less than bollywood heroines.

There is an immense pride and respect associated with Indian saree. It represents the culture of India. A saree can be draped in numerous ways. Indian women in different regions wear different styles. There are so many varieties of sarees like kanjeevaram silk sarees, tant sarees, banarasi silk sarees, jamdani sarees,tussar silk sarees, bandhini from Gujrat just to name a few.There are sarees for all occasions be it formal or casual. Indian craftsmen and designers have used fabrics like silk, chiffons, georgette, brocade, crepe and kalamkari and embellished them with expensive stones,beads, gold and silver threads , sequins and have woven exclusive sarees.

Sarees are evergreen. It is not only a traditional dress but also has a historical significance. Almost every woman in India loves sarees. There are heritage sarees which are passed from one generation to another. Every saree has a story to tell.An Indian bride's trousseau is always stacked with beautiful sarees.

So ladies welcome to the enchanting world of sarees. Wear your style, flaunt with pride and carry it with grace. And trust me, all eyes would be on you. 🙏

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