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Sensible' No's

"Ek naa sau sukh" ( one no is equivalent to hundred fold happiness) ; I must have heard this proverb numerous times since childhood from my mother.. What does it mean?.. And every time I heard ; I wondered how can' No's be so comforting and be a reason for happiness.

The word' NO' itself has so much negativity attached to it. It may even sound like a disrespect at times.

But as the saying goes' better late than never'. I realised it's importance with the passage of time and found them too relaxing and comforting.

The 'No's do make sense and are a perfect solution when one finds themselves caught amidst a situation that one doesn' t feel comfortable falling into.

They have the amazing ability to protect one from falling prey to undesirable circumstances.

'No's may be difficult to utter but do make things easy. They ease the burden from one' s shoulder. So many times people would say 'Yes' unwanted ly only to regret later on. In the end, it makes no one happy. In the process, one loses peace of mind and relations too. Happens a lot in personal relationships.

'No' may sound heavy and weigh much but in a real sense it is relaxing and releases the pressure.Start saying 'No' for 'No' is an art. An art to survive the odds and undesirables.

Never compromise on the values one stands by. Do not do things just to please others.' Yes ' should simplify things and not complicate them. Play smart. Play safe. One doesn' t need to shout to communicate No' s. Be polite.. Justify the reason amicably if one feels the need to do so. People shall understand if they value you. The 'No' give the same pleasure as 'Yes'. at times.

Never undermine the value of 'No's.

The world is full of all kinds of people.. There are wolves in sheep' s skin, always ready to pounce and take advantage of one' s generosity and kindness. Be wary of such people. Never give anyone the liberty and opportunity to exploit one by saying ' yes' to their unjustified and unreasonable demands. Self respect , morals and values certainly weigh far more. Do not hesitate to express unwillingness. ' No' gives the strength to fight for what one feels right. Stay strong.

'Yes' may sound sweet but 'No's' are much sweeter and more appealing. 'No' gives confidence. Say ' yes' only when one' s heart and mind agrees to it. Say 'Yes' only If one is comfortable and doesn' t need to sacrifice or compromise on the values one stands by. Always go for' NO' when in doubt. Take a stand. Don't be a victim. It needs courage to communicate' No' but saves one from the agony and misery of doing things against one' s wish. Please exercise the option wisely.. For.. One ' NO' is worth a hundred fold happiness.

Thank You.

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