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Are we fair towards the fairer sex..

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

The topic has always amused me and I could not help expressing my views on it.. It has certainly been on my mind for a while. The term 'fairer sex' is often used to address a women in general. We can never imagine a world without her.

Either you hate or love a woman but simply cannot ignore her. She has been judged and often misjudged but has faced the trials with all dignity and respect.

From being a homemaker, mother, wife, daughter to sharing the responsibilities and supporting their families financially , her journey has been full of ups and downs. She has taken up different roles as per the needs and emerged as a winner in every situation.

Often her needs and demands are suppressed and ignored although we talk a lot about equal rights as men. The world has been unkind and not spared the single opportunity to point fingers at her without even thinking twice whether it is she who is at fault or not. From her appearances and looks , to what she wears, she has been criticised every now and then. But she has been kind enough to forgive the wrongs done to her.

Sometimes I just think and wonder how much the world can expect from her. The society has a list of do's and don'ts for her and she is constantly under pressure and expected to behave accordingly.

The world has set very high standards for her. And fails to realize the fact that she is also a human being who wants the society to accept her as she is without being judged and discriminated against.

Please do not label me as feminist just because I am a woman too and just seeing and analysing the situation from my viewpoints.

There have been instances in real life, few of them being my personal experiences which compelled me to express my views and favor towards women in general.

Be it past or today, a woman, every single day has to fight her battle. No matter we claim ourselves to be highly progressive but in reality we are still conservative and hold on to old outdated values.

When it comes to gender equality, still many fail to acknowledge women's rights. A male child is still preferred over a girl child in the present scenario too.

The woman till this day is answerable for what she does and does not do. She needs to justify her actions. From being late in returning home from work to her children's grades.. She is responsible and accountable for everything.

I still remember my father would get anxious and worried whenever I returned late from college. Even at present after twenty years , I cannot think of travelling alone at night because it's not safe. The mere thought of it gives me shivers.

There are few female friends who have to give up their blooming careers for the sake of their children, especially the girl child because being a mother the security of her children is of prime importance and could not trust the cab and bus drivers for pick and drop from school. Don't be shocked when I write these things because they are true.Of late crimes against women are on rise. Eve teasing, harassment, molestation,rape cases have left the mothers of girls with no choice except to give up on their careers. It is a woman who is expected to sacrifice in most situations. When it comes to marriage, it is she who had to leave her paternal home.

Then there was an instance about a close friend whose husband expired when she was in her late thirties. No doubt she worked at a very high position in the corporate sector during that time. She had a daughter in her teens at that time. She took a short break and when she resumed work, she was criticised for being an unloving wife by fellow male colleagues and subordinates for joining early. The woman was all shattered and broken but to get away with the depression resumed work..Being the sole bread earner, she could not risk her job. The male dominated society still can't withstand women taking up higher positions at work places.

If a woman is single , be it a widow or divorcee, she is an easy target for men to harass and bully her. Many married women are still subjected to domestic violence but still do not opt for divorce as the society looks down upon them if they dared to do so. As a consequence, they suffer in silence.

Women are not even spared on social platforms.They are easy targets for men to bully them, troll them, harass them . A poor woman has the only option to block the contact and report the issue. We do need stricter laws to protect women against such crimes on social platforms.

My domestic help still covers herself in a veil in front of elders and her in-laws.

Many girls still don't have access to education and basic health care in villages.

A lot has been done like abolition of sati , towards educating girls and for the women's upliftment in the past. But still a lot more is needed to protect the rights of a woman and create a safe and secure environment for her. Society needs to respect and acknowledge women's rights and be a little more compassionate.

The instances mentioned in the post are very common and the society is often aware of such things happening around but often fails to acknowledge it and does observe silence most of the times which makes me think ' Are we really fair towards the fairer sex? '

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4 comentários

06 de mar. de 2022

If parietal love and protection is unfair to girls, the same goes for boys. We should be lucky if we have such parents. Let us not look at the western culture .


06 de mar. de 2022

Very good write up on women's condition👍 really appreciable and concerning

पूरे करने है मुझे अपने ख्वाब

माना मुश्किलें है बेहिसाब

फिर भी मन में है विश्वास

मिलेंगी वो खुशियां जो मेरे लिए है खास

क्यों मैं रहूं घर तक सीमित

चुकाओं अपने ख़्वाब की क़ीमत

क्यों कहलाऊं मैं अबला

मुझ में भी तो बल है असीमित

मुझको भी चाहिए अपना पूरा अधिकार

मिलेंगी वो खुशियां जो मेरे लिए है खास

मुझको तो इतना है कहना

नहीं चाहिए मुझे कोई गहना

बस अब और नहीं है सहना

मुझे अपने दम पर है रहना

मुझे तो रचना है एक नया इतिहास

मिलेंगी वो खुशियां जो मेरे लिए है खास

नहीं बंधना मुझे रीति रिवाजों में

मुझे पानी है सफलता क़िस्मत की…

06 de mar. de 2022
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