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Are you jealous..

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Are you jealous.. 

Yes.. I am asking you all.. Are you jealous? And if yes.. Why.. ? 

Jealousy is one of the most toxic emotions. Jealous people are insecure and foolish. Their jealousy unintentionally causes more harm to them than others. 

It is a very negative emotion. 

Jealousy in relationships ruins everything. Jealous people are never happy and don't let others be. 

Though often we don't realize sometimes, jealousy just sets in gradually and naturally making us all its victims. At some point of time we all.. if not all, majority of us have been jealous. 

And mind that jealousy has nothing to do with age.. From a small child to an adult… It spares none. 

Jealousy between the same age groups, colleagues, and love affairs is common.And there is always the presence of a third party when it comes to being jealous. 

What is more important is to understand what triggers this negative emotion. 

Let us say for an example… between colleagues if one is more favored and acknowledged by the boss  than the other for being more intelligent and hard working or for that matter any other reason.. Lack of something,  fear of losing  or the desire to be in someone else's place is one of the reasons behind being jealous. Jealous people are constantly thinking of ways to steal what otherwise they could not have by fair means. In the process they don't even realize the harm they are causing to their own mental health. Jealousy destroys everything. Such people suffer from fear, depression and low self esteem. 

It's hard to deal with jealous emotions and sometimes they are uncontrollable to the extent they can't be cured. 

How to deal with jealousy? 

Each one of us is unique and blessed with special qualities that make us stand out. Have confidence. No one is perfect. 

Always express gratitude to the Supreme for what you have. Stay grounded. When you look down you shall realize there are many who are struggling day and night to live the life you are living. 

Do not let jealousy take a grip on you. Talk to a friend or well wisher. Sharing your thoughts with them can help you de-stress and goes a long way in solving the problem. 

Think positive. Channelise your energies towards something more productive. Pursuing a hobby is a good distraction from such negative thoughts and behaviors. 

Know your worth. Practice self- love. This shall have a drastic effect on your self esteem and boost confidence. What is yours cannot be stolen and shall come to you at the right time. Have this belief. And if you start thinking  on these lines, soon you shall realize it's so immature and foolish to nurture jealousy. 

Practice these simple things..Life is a blessing and needs to be celebrated everyday and not wasted on such negative emotions like jealousy. 

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