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This too shall pass

Yes.. I am tired  and hurt but I have not lost hope… After all the betrayals and pain I have gone through .. I know deep down in my heart that the Almighty has better plans for me…for I am His child.He won't let me suffer throughout. This phase shall soon pass for nothing stays on  forever and this pain and hurt shall be replaced by love and warmth someday… till then I need to exercise patience  and stay calm. 

Neither all wishes are fulfilled nor all prayers go unanswered. I am a true believer in karmas for I have seen justice being done.. Though it takes time, eventually everything falls back in the right place. 

I made mistakes… not mistakes but blunders in the past. I was looking for love in the wrong place. It was my fault. I knew someday this would take a toll on me and it did. I suffered in silence. But at the same time  I learnt my lesson.. Though the hard way.

The betrayal shattered me  and at one point I  just felt suffocated and trapped  and found no way out.. But as they say time is a great healer.. If not a healer it does have the capacity to make one come to terms with what has been  done and one needs to shed the hurt in order to move on and live again. 

I know the hurt and pain  is even more when one is sincere and genuine and  the other one just takes advantage of your innocence, faith and trust for their own selfish motives. 

The World had always been on the lookout for such  innocent people to make their prey. It's a pity and shame but we need to understand this.. If we don't, we become the cause of our own sufferings.. Sometimes we need to shed our nobility in order to safeguard our innocence.  Always give priority to one's instincts over blind trust as it may lessen the chances of betrayal. 

Never lose hope. Out of all the evils in Pandora's box there was only one beautiful thing that lay inside and that was hope… hope that something good will eventually take place amidst all the chaos and evils around us.. Just cling to it…  Stay positive. If not today, tomorrow shall be yours..Have faith for it can move mountains. Till then keep going… keep moving . 

Always greet life  and live it  with zest. Hello zindagi hamesha. 

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