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Bloody Betrayals

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

It sucks… It hurts… It kills… and what not.. In a world where money and lust plays a dominant role.. Loyalty and trust are just mere words that exist only for namesake.. 

Almost every second person here faces betrayal whether in love, relationship or business here. 

The article is for the ones who have been betrayed and find it hard to cope up with it.. We all are humans..  By being human  , I mean the one who is not devoid of emotions, who fears doing ill to others and if by chance commits something wrong takes the responsibility for it instead of being an escapist.. 

To start with… If someone betrays you.. Please for God's sake do not play a  victim card. Life is full of ups and downs, happy and sad moments, surprises and shocks. If you feel like crying.. Then cry… crying helps to lessen the pain.. I know the heart is heavy and sometimes there is no one out there to lend their shoulders to cry on and relieve the pain.After you have done with crying...remember the phrase ,'no use crying over spilt milk. ' We often utilise this spilt milk for making more worthy and valuable than it cheese, sweets etc. So now you know what next best thing you can make out of it.Try to come to terms with the betrayal as soon as one can. Instead of putting nasty status on facebook and social platforms.. Put up a brave face.. Your smile is the most lethal weapon.. Be calm and maintain your poise. Always believe in karmas.. You may at one point forgive and forget the wrongs done to you.. But karmas have a very sharp memory. They spare none.. Remember the law of the universe.. "What  goes around comes around". Believe me..In my forty four years of life experience, I have seen karmas teaching lessons the hard way. Take the betrayal in a positive manner.. You have gained an experience of a lifetime.. Now you are much wiser and stronger than before. Relieve yourself from the hurt and pain as soon as possible. A child falls many times while learning his first steps but never gives up.. He rises again and eventually masters it. And if a small child can do it.. So can you.. Never give up on hope.. If there are thousands of people to betray and play with your emotions.. There is  always somewhere one sent by the Supreme to hold hands. 

Do not hold on to the past for long.. Keep moving forward with confidence and never look back. 

Summing up the post with the few lines of my poem ' Never Give Up'. . . 

Be like a wind, like a river that keeps moving , piercing and making way through all the obstacles . 

The river and wind always know the direction they are heading towards. 

Always stand tall and look high up the skies

Reach out for the goals , never give up on them, 

All the more when the world tries to pull you down. 

Take it as a challenge . 

Gather yourself for you have the  ability and strength within you. 

Just need to unfold the wings, 

And let the flight take you to the desired destinations. 

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