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If speech is silver, silence is golden

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Of late, I realized the importance of this phrase. It's always a wise option to be tight lipped rather than saying something inappropriate that could worsen the situation. 

Words are lethal weapons.. Once out of the mouth cannot be pulled back. And arguments at times instead of ending up in meaningful conclusions , rather create a mess. 

Gold is far more valuable than silver. My father always said, ' never underestimate the power of this golden phrase. ' So many times, we are caught up in situations where  we are unable to control ourselves and end up saying what we really don't mean or want to. 

I know that we, being humans, are social and come across all kinds of people in life. Everyone is unique in their own way. Some are easy going, flexible while others are conservative and carry a no nonsense attitude. 

Then there are people who like to provoke others for no reason. It gives them some sort of pleasure. These are the ones who cannot tolerate others being happy because they are not happy and at peace with their lives and want the same for others. The mantra is to simply ignore them and walk away. One doesn't need words to prove themselves. Let your work do all the talking. 

I just had an incident a few weeks back. I am a part of this facebook group where I post my blogs. It is a prominent group and has many members. Then  one day I saw a message from this woman who openly criticized me and said not to post my blogs as no one is interested and we are bored of it. It came as a shock, as I get a lot of appreciation from others in the same group. Maybe this particular woman was jealous or whatever be the reason, I simply asked her to ignore my posts if she is not happy with it. But she simply cannot ask me to stop doing that. But she would not stop and kept provoking me with her words. Then at a certain point, I realised it's baseless arguing with such people. She had nothing to lose but certainly my reputation is being tarnished this way. So the best option was to block her and report it. This is where silence works the best. 

Then at times we're so much overloaded with emotions and stress and at this point we certainly need to introspect ourselves and maintain silence to understand the state of mind we are in and work out a solution. Silence acts as the best therapy here. 

My father was a man of few words. He would not speak much but whenever he would say and give advice to us, it would make us think over it. His words definitely carried value and we simply could not ignore it. We knew what he would say for our benefit. 

Silence is a language in itself. I know if I keep asking my son to behave in a certain way, he won't. But if I keep quiet and don't talk then this would certainly make a difference and he would understand what I had wanted to convey. 

Where there are two people, there is always a possibility of arguments at some point of time. Usually a lot happens between couples. A lot of  arguments are baseless and the best way to avoid them is to keep silent. Many happy, sweet moments are lost in the process. When we realise, it's too late. The words have already caused hurt. At the same time, silence should not work as a weapon to create a rift between the two. Break the ice before it's too late. Communication needs to be resumed  after sometime for a healthy relationship. Silence should be observed to calm minds and clear the air. 

Silence can put an end to any unnecessary fights and arguments. But there are situations when keeping quiet doesn't help and is a sign  of weakness. We definitely need to take a stand for ourselves. When  someone constantly bullies us, tries to tarnish our reputation, shows us inferior, tries to take advantage of us being silent.. We definitely need to raise our voice. It's where silence fails. At any point silence should not depict weakness. 

Sometimes people talk too much to hide their anxieties and insecurities. 

It's very important to understand and know when to speak and practise silence. The quality of speech also does matter.

When in doubt, observe silence. Don't be and let others get misguided by words. 

Let not the words ruin peace of mind. 

Everyday we come across so many instances where speech can complicate things and it's best to be quiet at that very moment to lead a peaceful and happy life. One just needs to master this art of creating a balance between speech and silence. 

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