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Hi all… It' s story time.

Today I am going to tell a story about a five year old boy named Manu. Manu was very naughty and playful.He loved watching cartoons on television . He didn't' like to study. He was in first grade. He was scared of homework. So he would never write in his diary the homework given at school. He never wanted to waste his precious time on

homework. He would rather spend his time playing video games. His mother would scold the little child but he would not listen to her. Everyday his mother had to call his friends and inquired from them about the homework given by the teachers at school. She didn't want her son to lag behind in studies. She had a hard time making Manu finish his homework everyday. Making Manu hold a pencil in his hand properly seemed a very difficult task at times. His mother tried all tricks to teach Manu the importance of studies but Manu won't mend his ways. Until one day she decided to teach little Manu a lesson.

She thought of a plan. She knew that her son was always fascinated by bright shades of lipsticks she wore on her lips. Manu always admired her whenever she applied lip colour. He loved watching her apply lipcolour in front of the dressing table. He observed her very keenly and minutely. He found the activity very amusing and pleasurable. The innocent little boy had this notion in mind that if his mom wore lip colour, it means she is happy. This gave the little child a sort of satisfaction that all is well with her. Little children have their own way of understanding the world. Manu always wanted his mother to be happy because he loved her dearly. He wanted his mother to look beautiful and be happy all the time. Manu' s mother always went to pick him up from school everyday in the afternoon. She would never leave home without lip colour when she went to pick him as she was aware of the fact that her son always wanted to see his mother's happy face with bright coloured lipstick on her lips, first thing once he was out of the school premises. The next day, when she went to pick Manu from school, she did not wear any lip colour . When Manu reached the school gate and noticed that his mother had come without wearing lip colour, he felt that something was definitely wrong as his mom never left home without wearing it and immediately inquired about the issue. But his mother remained quiet. She did not speak to Manu during their drive towards home. This made the boy very anxious. Manu started feeling restless and urged his mother to tell him the reason. Then his mother said, ' I feel the same way when you don't write a diary. I also feel unhappy and sad. I want you to be a good and responsible student and not run away from studies. I get upset when you don't take interest in studies.

Manu realized his mistake. He apologised to his mother for being irresponsible and promised that he would never commit the mistake again.So the other day he wrote a diary and proudly told his mother, ' See, I obeyed your orders'; and showed her the diary at school gate itself in excitement. The mother was also very eager to peep inside the diary. But when she saw the diary, to her dismay, she could not understand the single word noted in the diary. Manu had very bad handwriting. His mother politely said, ' I appreciate that you did write homework today, but sweetie I am not able to read as you have such terrible handwriting. Manu instantly replied , ' You just wanted me to write a diary, you never gave instructions on how to write one. I just quickly scribbled the homework from the class black board. It's her headache to figure out what is written in the diary. I did my job. ' Mother could not control her smile. She didn' t know how to react. She should have explained to the child the proper way to write a diary. She was at fault. She was speechless. She immediately hugged and kissed her little child.Though later she explained to Manu the right way to write a diary. Manu had learnt his lesson very well. He not only developed the habit of writing a diary thereafter every day but also made efforts and improved his handwriting. And his mother too never forgot to charm her little darling son with her perfect and richly coloured rosy smile.

moral of the story: Children are keen observers. They are pure souls and can be moulded very easily. So it's very important as a parent to train and teach them what is right. Good habits taught at early childhood stays forever and helps them in becoming successful in life.

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