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Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense

Everyone has it but only a few can acknowledge its presence.

To have that sense is a blessing in disguise.

But alas! Not everyone here is so wise.

It sees what may not be visible to naked eyes and hears  what ears fail to listen to.

It whispers and warns only when the mind is calm.

It always protects and never harms.

It acts as a guide when all other senses go on a ride.

Always by our side.

It comes to rescue when one has no clue.

You just need to awaken it to sense the secret message it hides.

For it’s  the only  guide when all the other senses go on a ride.

It has the amazing power to indicate danger

And is a game changer.

It’s  none other than our sixth sense

That makes all the sense when nothing makes sense.

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