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Walk away, Move on

Walk away , Move on

Yes… time has come again to pack the emotions;

Let there be no commotion.

Gather once again the broken pieces of heart.

Wipe the tears; fight the fears;

Shed the pain

For the mind can no longer bear. 

And the heart is already torn beyond repair.

Still ,  once again set the heart and mind in motion

This time with a caution.

The wounds are sore

But it does not hurt any more.

Yes, I was maligned because I was blind

and kind.

But now I have resigned

As my thoughts are fairly aligned;

Your actions are already defined and no longer bind. 

Nothing makes sense

Still blessed with sixth sense

Follow one’s instincts;

Make a move, walk away.

Be strong; showcase and display resilience.

Don’t complain and blame.

Be quiet; be silent

Someday karmas shall bring them shame

For playing the wicked game.

Exhibit courage; hold your head up high

And say goodbye. 

Walk away, move on.

The sun shall shine again

And everything shall be fine and in line again.😊

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