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Visible perspectives

Visible perspectives

Hi… story time again

A man had twin daughters aged seven….Sarah and Susan.Both were identical twins, went to the same school, had mutual friends and were similar in many ways and habits. The man also loved his daughters equally and did everything to make their life comfortable. He looked after their petty needs as well.

The father worked for a big company. One day, he received transfer orders to relocate into another city for work with immediate effect. He was supposed to leave the place and settle at a new one as his job required him to do so.

The man came home and disclosed this to his wife and daughters and asked them to start packing bags as would they

would soon be moving and settling down at a new place. While Sarah looked more happy and comfortable with the idea. She did not question the man further and immediately went inside her room and started packing things.

On the contrary, the other twin Susan kept sitting there and looked unhappy and sad. The man could read from her face and asked her, " You seem unhappy at the proposal of leaving this place and settling at a new one. Aren' t you happy. What is bothering you, dear? " The girl hesitated at first, then replied, " Papa, I do not wish to leave this place. I love being here with my old friends and the school. I love the weather and life here. I don' t want to settle and start a new life again at a new place. I don' t like the change.. "

The man then called the first twin Sarah and asked her the same question. " Dear, you obeyed me immediately when I asked you to pack the bags. Not even once you questioned me while your twin sister is unhappy. Can I ask you ,"aren' t you also sad at the idea of leaving old friends and the place?"

Sarah replied; " Papa, I am very happy and excited. I would love to see a new place and settle down there and make new friends. Everything would be new and exciting… new school.. new friends.. "

Though both the girls were brought up in a similar way, it was the perspective which made them both stand apart and distinguished from each other.

It was difficult at first instance to conclude who seemed more right. Both had different perspectives and their own way of dealing with the situation at hand.

Though Sarah.. The first twin seemed more practical and had a forward looking approach on second thoughts. While her twin Susan seemed more reluctant

and liked to cling on to the past. The first one, Sarah was being more rational in her approach.

I do not wish to conclude here and bring an end to the story by claiming who is right. The readers can choose and have their own ending depending on their judgement of what seems right and the category they fall into.

Moral of the story: Everyone has their own way of dealing with the situations at hand. Everyday we find ourselves caught up in situations where it seems difficult to find an appropriate solution. It' s the mindset which makes the problem appear big or small. Sometimes big problems appear small and in other situations small ones seem big.

So it' s important to have a wider view while dealing with the situation at hand. One must always analyse the situation at hand and understand it and then deal with it rationally. Making a choice that is more appropriate helps to deal with the situation more effectively. Always try to have a positive and forward looking approach whenever possible while dealing with the situations at hand. Consider the pros and cons. Try to find happiness and comfort in every situation as it comes and go with the flow.

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