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A lovely scar

Can a scar ever be beautiful and lovely..

Ask me, and I shall let you know..

Of course, some scars are really sweet and adorable.

I can assure,for I am a proud owner of one.

It's six inch long, consequence of a c- section,

That rests on my lower abdomen.

The scar always reminds me of the Almighty's grace and blessings that He has showered on me.

The scar adorns my beauty. There are no words to express the joys associated with this scar.

The cut and scar brought with it a wonderful present.

It's a reminder that God found me worthy , answered my prayers ;

And granted me the honour for now I shall be called a ' mother'.

The scar is beautiful as it represents my journey ; my transformation from being a woman to a mother.

The scar has always made me feel like a superstar and I shall cherish it much more than any degrees and certificates I have received in this lifetime.

The cut and scar has made me complete;

For it has made it possible to meet my little bundle of joy.

For whom I waited for nine long months.

The scar is an evidence that my dreams were eventually turned into reality.

The scar carries the message, "there are no gains without pain".

The nine months of pain, sickness and misery were all forgotten in seconds.

The moment I held my little one in my hands.

Ahh! The cut which healed and took shape of a lovely scar.

I owe you so much,

And have no words to express my gratitude.

I shall always be indebted to you

For letting me enter the best phase of my life called motherhood.

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