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Adorable attitudes

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Adorable Attitudes

We all have a distinct attitude… Our attitudes define our personality, how we look at things and react under given circumstances.. Our surroundings, upbringing, society all go a long way in shaping our attitudes. Attitudes can be positive or negative.

Today I am going to talk about a few adorable attitudes that have amused me, made me laugh and have had a deep impact on me.

Let's begin with my late father's attitude.. A simple , caring man with a carefree attitude. Sounds amusing.. Caring and carefree at the same time.. How is it possible?. But such was his attitude towards people and things throughout his life. I always loved the way he took things and reacted towards them even in adverse situations. He has always kept his calm under all circumstances. He lived and enjoyed his life to the fullest.. Loved his food the most...enjoyed travelling, listening to old bollywood movie songs, and seeing new places.He had been neutral and indifferent most part of his life time. He was so carefree that even if the family members were having heated discussions over some important issue, he would just pop up in the middle and ask, " What's special for lunch today? '' without even once realising the sensitivity of the matter being discussed. My mom was a teacher at school. Both the parents equally supported the family.. In the morning, it was my father who would always prepare tea for my mother and would make us children get ready for school as my mom used to leave early in the morning. It was he who always attended our Parents teacher meet at school.

He , being concerned, would always give salary to domestic help and others before they have even asked for it.. He was so kind and caring that he never allowed us to give away leftover food to servants.All were equal in his eyes. He had always made sure that they were served fresh food and always before us. I loved his sweet gesture.. And shall always remember it.My father would question me, my brother and my mom thousand times before we left the house for work just to make sure whether we have money in our wallets in case we might need.. He would go to the extent of checking my mom' s purse and she would get annoyed, laugh and ask.. Which guy does that.. But he would not listen. He wants to do it, he shall do it.. We can't stop him… is all that we know. He was so caring to the extent that he made sure that our mobile phones were charged before we got up in the morning and careless to the extent of not knowing what's going on in the next room of our house.

Once the whole family had gone for an outing.. He had carried enough cash with him in spite of cards.. being his nature.. Unfortunately someone had picked his pocket and stole around ₹50000/. But not a single line of anxiety or tension he had on his face. In Fact within a few minutes of knowing this he had still taken us all to some fancy restaurant for dinner. I so much wish to be carefree like him.. But I have always failed. There are so many incidents but at this moment I shall limit myself to only these.

Then comes a turn of my domestic help.. A petite woman in her early thirties, favorite among all family members.. Such a chatterbox. She always had stories and incidents to narrate everyday.. And we shall all wait desperately for her to arrive. Such a pleasant darling personality.. Always full of energy and positive vibes. She always wore a smile on her face and one cannot just simply ignore her.

Once she had casually narrated an incident that had affected her.. She worked as a cook in another house as well. One fine morning when she had arrived.. She was really in a not so happy mood and we had asked her what's the matter.. She had innocently replied ,the lady of the house where she worked had scolded her for arriving late and had said something which had caused hurt to her self respect.. We asked her what was the matter. She said the lady had a daughter who worked at a very high post in some institution. Due to some unavoidable circumstances ,she arrived late that very day and daughter had got late for work as she carried the lunch along with her. The lady in a way to humiliate her had said ," My daughter is a very respected woman and everyone addresses her as Ma'am. You don't realise the importance of working in prestigious institutions as you are not educated fair enough." Her words had pinched her very badly. But then our little maid knew how to turn the tables and sharply answered back , " With due respect, I just want to say that whenever I visit any shop, bank, mall.. I am also addressed as Ma' am. " Though I had laughed at that very moment but deep inside,I simply loved her attitude.. My maid was not wrong and she had taught the lady a very nice lesson. The work one does for a living does not make them big or small.. Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect and no work is small as long as one is earning livelihood through fair means.

Next, I shall talk about having a compassionate attitude. What does it mean actually?.. Well it means being sensitive to others' pain and helping them in times of need.. The world is always hungry for such people.. With changing times, most of the people now don't bother about others' needs . They are self centred..But this attitude is one which is needed most for the upliftment of society.

Sometimes people look for emotional support in others.. Half of the problems vanish when someone just listens to other problems and offers sympathy and shoulder to cry on .One must always try to have a sympathetic attitude towards others.I am blessed with many such people in my life . And shall always be grateful to God..

Lastly, one must always have an attitude of gratitude.. Always be thankful to the Almighty for His blessings.One who is humble and always thankful will always rise and shine and has the power to overcome all hurdles in life..

Just want to sum up my article with the beautiful lines formalised by Guru Nanak Dev ji..kirat karo( earn honestly) naam japo( Always remember the Almighty ) vandd chakko( serve the society and people irrespective of caste, creed and colour).This should be an attitude for all times.

There are so many attitudes but if one possesses the ones mentioned here, I am sure this world shall be the happiest place to dwell in. 🙏🙏

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