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Happy birthday ... Dearest maa

Dearest and pyari mummy.. I love you.

Many Many happy returns of the day… I know, I shall not be able to do justice when it comes to expressing my true  love and feelings towards you… not because I don't feel but words fall short  in front of your love and whatever even a tiny lil bit  you do for us cannot be expressed in words. Not even a writer in me has the ability to write how exceptionally wonderful a person you are. You have always stood by me whenever I needed support and doubted myself. During my weak moments.. You have always been my pillar, my strength.. my best friend. I know I owe this life to you and shall always remain indebted to you… You have always gone beyond your limits to fulfill our desires and make our lives comfortable. Yes… we have been selfish and rude at times but still you have a heart of gold that knows only to love,  forgive and care for us in spite of our stubborn attitudes and tantrums which we had thrown at you at times… We took you for granted and genuinely feel the need to apologize to you for all the wrongs we have done in the past. We have always apprached you with our problems and like a magic you have always had solutions for them and made them disappear.have never let us down but always guided us towards what is right… Now I am a mother myself…still  I feel like a little girl when I am with you  and always love to hide myself in your arms for I feel so much secure being by your side… This is what only a mother can provide to her children. I shall always be your little gudia. 😊

So many times… a lot of people have asked me to write about you but I haven't because what you are to us cannot be written.. It can only be felt… The emotional bond we share with each other is my personal, priceless treasure which I hide safely in my heart.I know we have had our shares of joys and sorrows but this life journey has been an amazing one with you for you have always inspired us to move forward and never look back.. I feel immensely blessed in this life… for you are our mother and express my gratitude to the Almighty for such a lovely blessing. We pray to the Almighty to shower and bless you with a long, happy, healthy and prosperous life. 

Lots and lots of hugs and kisses

From all  of us 

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