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Behind the Walls..

Unfilled and unspoken desires

That gave birth to restlessness

The wait that never seems to end.

The cries and shouts unheard

The heart that lays battered and broken,

Is what lays behind the walls.

Where hope and despair kept playing hide and seek.

Amidst the tears and sobs

The heart still throbs

For the one who robbed it once

Never got it back

There's void now

All hollow and black.

From dusk till dawn

My eyes all set on the door.

The monotony has now become an addiction

Is what happens behind the walls.

With every footfall

I rise and run at the door,

But all in vain.

What is now left is hurt and pain

There seems no signs when we meet again.

But still I keep my spirits up

and do not give up

For this seems only the possible way to live up.

That's how I survive behind the walls.

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