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Blissful Blessings

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Blessings are God's own ways of pampering and favouring us.

They act like umbrellas

And protect us from the harm.

Blessings are God' s seal and always heal.

They come straight from the heaven

And are the most cherished and wonderful gifts of God.

Blessings nourish

And blessings to flourish

Blessings to fulfil the wishes.

Blessings are desirable

And blessings are always reliable

For they always protect and take care

Blessings bloom

And blessings disposes off the gloom

Blessings carry the positive power to transform lives.

The fortunate ones are always blessed with the choicest blessings.

Blessings are source of joy and happiness

And are the most prominent reminders of the Supreme' s presence.

Blessings are always answered

At the right time.

Blessings are holy

And never makes one feel lonely.

Health, love, fame, talent and happiness are the result of His blessings.

Always believe in the magic of blessings.

It' s the present God gave us for our noble deeds.

Blessings weigh more than gold

And are never sold; always earned.

Good deeds always invite blessings.

Always welcome the blessings

And be grateful for the blessings in one' s life.

God has abundant blessings in store for each one of us.

So never say 'no' to the blessings.

Always Try to make one worthy of His blessings.

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