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Gone are the days

Filled with fun and sun

When life  just smiled

and there were no responsibilities piled. 

Carefree and careless

Life was as perfect as a fairytale

There were less worries and nothing to ail. 

Where the eyes just watched flowers bloom. 

And there was less to gloom about. 

There were dreams in the making

Everything seemed possible

Nothing impossible

Where innocence rocked

All roads unblocked. 

Playing in the mud

Dancing in the rain

Sailing our paper boats in the puddle;

Playing on the swings;

Desire to have wings, 

Running after butterflies, 

Making castles of sand

Are now things of the past. 

My childhood was robbed too soon. 

I wish I could take a U turn

To live my childhood once again; 

Is what my heart yearns for. 

But deep inside I do know;

What is gone is gone. 

Time never stops and everything undergoes a change. 

But those pleasant memories of childhood shall always stay afresh

As long as I live. 

And shall bring smile off and again to my face. 

And I shall cherish them

And hide them and keep them safe and protected in my heart forever for they are my precious treasures. 


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Really nice writing, well worded and full of inside feelings.

Keep it up Mukta.

God bless

Mukta Kapur
Mukta Kapur
Mar 27, 2023
Replying to

Thank you ji🙏🙏

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