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Coffee Love❤

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

It's aroma is so captivating and temptation is hard to resist;

The first thing on my day's list

is nothing but a mug brimming with hot coffee in it.

I have always craved it the moment I wake up.

I may feel lost at times,

A cup of coffee does the magic and I am back on the track once again.

It's like catching up with a good old trustworthy friend.

Who always inspires to get up and face the world.

It acts like a fuel and charges a tired soul.

It fights the morning blues and lifts up the mood.

Coffee for summers, coffee for winters,

Coffee without any reason and coffee is for every season.

Whether the sun shines or the Rain falls;

It may hail and snow;

A cup of hot coffee is just perfect to welcome each new day.

It always freshens me up,

And takes out the dullness and boredom out of me.

I have always held the coffee mug tight in my palms with delight and then drank it with my eyes first .

Every single sip lifts up my spirit and gives a boost to my confidence.

With a teaspoon of sugar and dollops of milk,

My coffee is simmered to perfection, the way I like.

I have always relished my early morning date with coffee; my simply irresistible hottie.

I may skip meals but simply cannot miss a date with coffee.

The love for it is not new but years old.

I grew up drinking coffee.

Sometimes it's just hard to tell whether it's the blood or coffee in me that stirs me up .

The time spent with coffee is one of the finest hours of the day.

I look forward to waking up with a desire for another coffee date each morning.

It brightens my day everyday.

Cheers to coffee..the classy hottie who has always made me happy and kept me going..

The days may be hard and tiring but a mug of hot coffee is always warm, welcoming and refreshing.

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