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Desire and Desirable

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

One life, many desires. A desire once fulfilled takes the place of another. Some want love,  while others may desire money and fame.But each one of us secretly desire something. The chain just goes on and on. 

It's not easy to give up on a desire.  

We even  associate our happiness with desires. But sometimes in the process we forget living our lives. There is nothing wrong with having a desire. But it should not become an obsession. 

Try to be happy and at peace in one's present situation. Celebrate the gift of life each day. Do not associate happiness with desires. My mom always says if life is offering you happy moments, if it's giving you a reason to smile, just enjoy and live it now  instead of running after desires .  Never postpone it by saying that we shall celebrate it if a certain desire gets fulfilled. Do not reserve them for the future. Enjoy the happy moments now  for the future is always unpredictable and uncertain. 

Desires ,as they say, get fulfilled with time. Some are lucky enough in the sense that their desires get fulfilled with the blink of an eye. But most of us have to work hard to achieve our goals. Hope and hard work keeps us going through hard times. 

But some desires never get fulfilled creating a sense of failure and feeling of dissatisfaction which causes sadness. Life has never been perfect. If all the desires get fulfilled instantly, most of us won't value it. Expect the unexpected incase of desires. There is a certain charm in working hard on it and waiting for a desire to get accomplished. Desire keeps the hopes alive and vice versa. 

Still, there are few desires that never get fulfilled, creating a sort of void in our lives. Do not panic. It happens more or less with a lot of people. Never blame God and circumstances for it. The perfect example of this is of lord Krishna and Radha. Lord Krishna, if he desired could have united with  Radha on this earth  as nothing was impossible for Him being the Almighty but still he gave up his desire.Instead be thankful to God for what he has given you. Maybe something more desirable is waiting for you in the future. Tough times don't last forever but tough people do. 

 There is no beginning and end to desires. Desires can be destructive too. It can mislead and tempt one to take the wrong path. Desire is a strong human emotion and has the tendency to destroy one if not restrained. It can ruin one's life too. 

Many people fall prey to depression and sadness when they desire something and it does not happen in real life. It's easier to convince the mind rather than the heart. And the most torturous part is to come out of the unpleasant situation we have landed ourselves in. 

I know once there was a point in my life where I felt totally heart broken and shattered. I was mad. I had this certain desire, which I would not mention , but it's still not fulfilled till this date. I would cry at times and would feel depressed and would blame my destiny and what not for not being accomplished. One day I was sitting with my friend and got emotional and when she asked the reason, I just could not control myself and revealed about my desire which has caused me so much pain. She just said one thing, at such times when one feels depressed and sad just start counting your blessings. Consider   at least five good  things that have happened to you. I am sure you shall have many more to count on. And yes, to my surprise, I felt immensely blessed  for a wonderful life and the pain inside me just vanished. I felt much more relaxed and composed. In fact, for me  personally, I weigh my peace of mind more than my desires.. This does not mean that one should not have a desire. Do have it but do not attach expectations to it. If it has to happen it shall. Invest in your karmas. Be grateful to God at all times. The more you thank, He shall give you many more more reasons  to thank Him for. 

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31 de out. de 2022

Beautifully articulated 👍


12 de set. de 2022

Elegantly expressed, Kudos 🌹👍

इच्छाएं इंसान से क्या क्या नहीं करवाती

इच्छाएं इंसान को कहां कहां हैं ले जाती

पर इच्छाओं के पीछे दौड़ना ठीक नहीं

इच्छाओं के बोझ में जिंदगी अक्सर टूट जाती

ये जिन्दगी का सफर है रखो बोझ हल्का

ये सफ़र ऐसा जिसमें बोझ हल्का ही अच्छा

टूटते देखा है लोगो को इच्छा गर पूरी ना हो

मंज़िल वही है जहां जिन्दगी को मिले रास्ता

12 de set. de 2022
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