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Every once in a while...

Every once in a while..

Every once in a while;during the daybreak when it's time to wake up

And face the harsh realities of this world,

I have deliberately made the mistake of taking a break.

Sleep again, so that morning blues don't strain my brain.

And I had be happy and cosy again;

Though only for a short while, lay back..

Entertain my dreams and fall asleep again.

For this gives me immense pleasure; And I have loved to do this

Often and again.

Every once in a while;

I have broken the rules

And cursed the fools who made these tools;

For they are so uncool and had better be drowned in some deep pool.

Every once in a while;

I have sit near the window

And simply gaze at the night sky

Jewelled with moon and stars

I have often asked them, 'how they have been all this while'; no matter how far they seem and I do know that my voice won't reach.

Every once in a while;

I have intentionally slowed down

And allowed myself to move with the flow;

Give rest to my tired soul to heal and repair on its own.

So that once again, I am left all fresh and rejuvenated

And revived my glow.

Every once in a while;

I have let the little child in me come out;

And would forget all my worries;

Dance in the rain;

Play in the mud, laugh a little more and care a little less.

Be the master of my domain

And reign.

Every once in a while;

I have looked at the mirror

And asked myself;

Have I been fair enough

To the person in the mirror

And cared and looked after her needs well.

Every once in a while;

I have escaped the monotony

And done things out of the way

That had make me happy and gay;

What say, Every once in a while;let us sometimes break the chain and do things out of the way.

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