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Fascinating Fairies

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

My quest for fairies is as old as fairies

But Fairies never age

They are always young, bright and beautiful

Tiny delicate creatures

Who never get wrinkles

And worry about pimples and grey hair

They don't need ornaments to adorn their beauty

Fairies are Ravishing;

Fairies are Astonishing;

Fairies are Alluring

Fairies have powers and are

Always surrounded by wildflowers

Fairies sparkle; Fairies startle

Good fairies; Evil fairies

Fairies are mischievous too

For they can cast spells

And make one fall and yell

Fairies chant; Fairies enchant

Fairies can charm and also harm.

Fairies do magic in deep slumber and vanish

Fairies have wings that flutter

Fairies can dance and romance

Always met by chance

Are fairies real or just a myth

Yes or No..

But they certainly seem to exist for sure

Somewhere here or there

Fairies in guise; Fairies in disguise

Always under constant guard by fairies

Fairies had always made their mesmerizing presence felt through intelligence and fragrance

Fairies always had existence and relevance

Fairies in stories carry so much glory.

They live as long as one believes in them.

Fairies are fair; Fairies are rare

Fairies grant wish when they are happy and punish when offended

They always seem to appear and disappear

They dazzle and bedazzle

My hunt for them never seems to end

Have you ever met any such fairy… .? 🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️

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