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Girl who loved oranges...

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Girl who loved oranges..

There was a girl named Jo whose face would always shine and glow.

And it glowed more and more

With each passing year.

Her spotless skin had been the talk of the whole town.

The girls envied her beauty and the guys went gaga over her charming flawless looks.

Everyone would ask her now and then the secret of her

radiant skin .

She would always blush and hide; and escape the question with a smile .

Until one fine day, her best friend urged and begged her to tell the secret and she could not say ' no' to her dear friend.

And was left with no choice but to reveal the much kept secret.

Jo took from her bag,

A round firm sun kissed orange and showed it to her friend with pride,

And whispered, " Well this is the secret of my younger looking skin. "

She loved oranges and would have it everyday for breakfast and lunch.

Rich in Vitamin C ; full of fiber.

Winter's delight;

Sweet and tangy; much like her.

Packed with nutrients and antioxidants .

She would peel them, munch them or simply squeeze them into juice;

But would always make sure she has them as a part of her dietary regime.

And no doubt ,this was the secret of her being slim and light.

With every bite, she would be assured that this would help make her skin tight,

And make her face look bright as a beautiful morning light.

She loved its smell..

So refreshing and soothing.

And would eat them in dozens

Under the warm winter sun.

She had so much fun peeling them and taking the skin off the wedges before popping them into her mouth .

Such a magical fruit, that did wonders and always lifted her mood.

She loved oranges, not for their deep rich bright orange color,

But because they had made her look fab all these years.

Deep inside her best friend was jealous of her beauty.

On hearing the secret, she politely asked Jo for an excuse and dashed off to grab a basket full of round sun kissed oranges from the nearby mart.

For now her friend can't miss a chance to be the new talk of the town for envious looks and charm which Jo had to her credit all this while.

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