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Have I really changed...

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

This morning, I peeped into the mirror ;

I looked pretty much the same as I was yesterday. 

But I know deep inside, 

Everything within me has undergone a change . 

A change that cannot be overlooked and ignored, for sure. 

A change certainly for the better;

And it does matter. 

The same set of eyes now see things in a different manner.

The sparkling smile still conquers the hearts of many, 

But the only change is that it's more real now rather than being fake. 

My feelings,  my thoughts, my perceptions are constantly changing. 

My heart still beats

But for a different reason now. 

Gradually and slowly

Change has taken a grip over me. 

I learnt my lessons hard way, 

But it's a pity, I cannot change my past. 

I cannot undo the mistakes I once committed. 

What bothered me once, hurt me no more. 

I have definitely moved on.

I once resisted change, but 

Now I embrace it. 

It has unveiled a new side of me. 

I thought I was meek and shy

And could not handle the hurt. 

I felt heavy and struggled hard beneath its weight. 

Eventually, I realized my inner strength and to my amaze

How easily I could let go of the pain. 

Once again I felt as light as a feather . 

Change shall happen

Whether I need it or not;

Whether I like it or not. 

Change can shake and reshape me;

But I make sure it doesn't break me. 

For I am not a puppet in the hands of change.

I am the master who knows how to tame the change. 

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