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Hunny and Bunny

Ever wondered why God created marriages..

Maybe He wanted some romance, drama, comedy and action

So He united two extreme personalities on this Earth

To face the harsh realities of life together

One is often messy and other always bossy

Where the bunny never cares about his growing tummy… and

Hunny always cares for money

Bunny loves his toasts loaded with butter and hunny can' t stand the clutter.

At times both dance to each other


Other times never leave a chance to pounce on each other like wild cats.

Better halves; Bitter halves

One moment it seems they cannot live without each other

The very next moment both can't withstand each other.

Both look sane and insane

But still maintain and reign their domain

The relationship is always spicy, tangy, sweet and bitter

But never withers

One is king and the other always a beauty queen

One goes right and other always left;

Though both are on the journey of life together.

Amidst their yes' s and no' s

They always reach a consensus somehow

You bet, I know

They are made for each other

That's for sure.

Both are twined in a thread called marriage

Which is a sweet bondage.

Both are fruits. Even though they had their share of disputes

For again they reboot and

Follow the same pursuit

And their relationship never dilutes for one mostly sacrifices and remains mute.

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