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I have kept a secret.. 🤫

It's been long time now,

Since I made a promise

to keep a secret for a friend,

And I shan't reveal, no matter what shall be the outcome.

I buried it....deep down in between the deepest layers of my heart.

Though it feels heavy and weighs,

Still it shall stay where it lay ; for

I could not find a place more suitable than my own little heart to hide.

No matter how much hard the world tries to extract from me, I shall still conceal it with a smile.

For it's just not a secret..

It's a promise made to a friend and I dare not to break it.

It contains the dirty truth that shall only complicate things if exposed.

Sometimes lies are more comforting than raw naked truths.

Some secrets should better be drowned deep in the ocean,

For their exposure shall only bring storms ;

And cause destruction and harm.

My silence has guarded the secret all these years.

Even though I have been tempted over and over again to unveil and expose.

Still I bit my lips and shut my mouth and dare not disclose.

For it's just not a secret;

It's my friend's trust bestowed upon me.

I dare not to tamper with the trust

As it takes years to build

And only seconds to break.

Trust is fragile ; revealing the secret shall only be futile.

Though secrets are burden

Still they had better stayed hidden behind thick curtains.

That's where they are meant to reside; always under a cover.

So that their sanity is never questioned.

Even when I die;

I shall take this secret along with me;

My death won't release me from the weight of the secret that lay heavy over me and the promise I have been tied to hold on to.

I shall forever abide and honour it;

No matter what, it has made me restless and fidgety at times.

I shall forever keep it for a friend who has chosen to confide in me. 🤫


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