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I love my flaws... Do you

Updated: Feb 3

Everyone has flaws in them be it physical or otherwise. No one is born perfect. What are flaws.. Flaws are something which are not desirable, imperfections , blemishes, marks etc which at times make us feel insecure and doubtful.. Certainly we are not comfortable supporting them as a negative element is associated with it. We all fear rejection. Maybe that's why  we feel the need to hide or rectify it.  

Flaws in one's character can be worked upon and one should try their best to correct it.  There is always room for improvement. Let's take for instance if one is fickle minded, or stubborn, pessimistic, arrogant , aggressive, blah blah... These   are the flaws in one's nature and one should definitely do something to overcome and rectify it. 

But what about the physical flaws? As the young generation pays more weightage to it. Be it men or women..everyone these days wants to look picture  perfect.. Blame the companies who advertise their beauty products in such a way that most young people fall prey to them and feel the need to acquire something which is not needed at times.These companies are good at playing with the sentiments of people and encashing their emotions. Most of the time people have ended up in depression buying the products and not getting the desired results . 

But can we really define beauty.. Certainly no..What may be desirable to one's eyes , might not be so desirable to others.Just think.. Do we like to copy our friends when it  comes to clothes and shoes.We all have different tastes and styles.  Moreover we all are different when it comes to body shapes. We are our originals and we should take pride in that.  But we are ashamed of our  physical flaws.. That's because we already have set standards for ourselves. It's all in the mind. We try to conceal them.. We feel insecure. 

Do you do the same…  

Everyone is born different and unique and beautiful in their own way. 

Well I had been a very shy and reserved person since childhood. Of course this can be termed as a flaw.. I had stage fear.If there would be any debate or other competition in school, I would get nervous and couldn't sleep the night before. But then my mom helped me get out of it. She said you are not different from others here. Like everyone I had two eyes, two ears, nose and mouth, hands and legs..I gave it a thought for a while and realised that what my mom is saying is correct. There is no need for me to feel so shy and insecure. I know I have not so perfect features  but when all put together I do look great. It's the attitude that defines real beauty. I  do have certain issues be it my weight, my nose…  but this has never stopped me living my life. 

Let me explain another instance.. My mom and I would always  keep nagging my son not to play out in the sun as he had a wheatish complexion and would turn dark.  But my son.. He never paid any heed to it.. Instead he gave a lecture on the advantages of having a  darker skin tone.. And yes..Darker skin tone is as beautiful as the lighter one..Colour of the skin doesn't define beauty. That left my mom and me speechless. This should be the attitude.. 

Real flaws are the insecurities inside us, not the physical ones..  Never ever be harsh on oneself. Always carry a positive attitude. It's perfectly okay to have flaws.. Even the moon, considered as epitome of beauty, is not devoid of dark spots and dents. We love to compare a beautiful face with the moon. Don't we? The fall leaves make mother nature look more beautiful . 

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Self love is important. Lot of young men and women these days opt for cosmetic surgeries to enhance their appearance.. But how many of them are really satisfied after getting the job done.. Was it worth undergoing a knife.. Did it really help one in boosting their confidence ? Ask these questions before undertaking any step. Nothing wrong in looking desirable but do not make it an obsession. Self introspection is important.

I have seen people undergoing surgeries one after the other and had ended up in disaster. The Internet is full of people's stories who had opted for surgeries to enhance their facial features and appearance but only to repent as nothing could be done later. They even lost what they had before. No matter how many lotions and potions we try.. We are definitely going to age.Pimples shall be replaced by wrinkles someday. Black hair with grey or white. Our bodies keep transforming.. We are not the same as we were a few years back and shan't be the same few years from now.. Stop bothering about the flaws. 

Never ever compare yourself with others. Everyone is unique and so are you.. Your friend may have beautiful eyes which you might envy.. But certainly you would have something in you that does make your friends envy you. Everyone has qualities in them which others do like to admire silently and like to acquire. We have heard stories of great warriors who have flaunted their scars as they tell tales about their bravery and victories .

 Do not hide your flaws. Accept them. What's more important is a healthy mind and  healthy body. Be grateful to God if you are blessed with one. What's the use of having blue, green , black, grey eyes if one can't see. 

At the end of the day what matters most is being happy and content with what one has. One happy and smiling face is far  more welcoming and beautiful and attracts attention  than a perfectly  featured  beautiful face. Most of us would agree to this.. 

So Cheers! And be happy that you are definitely unique  and different. People shall  love you for the inner qualities and a person you are in the long run. 

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