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I miss you.. Papa

I miss you.. Papa

I know, you have left and bereft us.

I wept and the tears rolled down my eyes.

The destiny has taken its toll;

And now my heart carries a hole.

Your absence has created a void

Which can never be filled.

I miss you so much.

And at times it's hard to dismiss the pain.

Daddy' s little doll is still a small girl who does not want to understand the harsh realities of life.

So much I wish you were here with us;If I could bring you back

But all in vain.

Alas! I don't hold a visa to the place you are now a resident of.

I know you won' t come back.

The dilemma just prevails and kills me in bits.

Things just went out of control.

And there seemed no way I could stop and hold you back.

Death stole you from us.

But little did it know.. That it could not steal our happy moments and memories together;

That shall always stay alive and afresh in our hearts.

They would at times make us laugh and smile and bring solace to our restless souls in need.

With each passing day, I am assured that there shall come a day when I shall reunite with you forever.

Until then, I shall take charge and move on.

For you have taught us to be strong and life has to continue.

Though the hearts are heavy,

Journey needs to be resumed.

For God has sent us here on a mission;

And does not grant the permission to leave this planet till it's accomplished.

I shall honour His decision;

No matter how hard it seems

At this hour;

But as we all know; death is the ultimate truth and no one holds permanent residency on this earth forever.

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