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Keep going.... Keep moving

Sometimes I think… maybe I overthink

I often  find myself misplaced and feel my existence in this world is  maybe by chance or as a  result of some accident. 

Whatever.. Still this life is a blessing. 

And one should learn the art to live it rather than complain. 

I live in a world where dreams are big 

And  often the means  to achieve them are small. 

For very few lucky ones are able to live them in reality. 

Still it's worthwhile to have a dream. 

It doesn't matter whether they are fulfilled or not. 

There are always better options which find their way in place of such dreams. 

Where there is a constant battle between hope and despair

Still always keep your spirits alive and let hopes only win. 

People will judge you.. More likely they shall misjudge

That should not stop one from moving ahead and going for something which you believe is right. For it's your life…not theirs. 

People are less human

And more beastly

Still amidst all this one shall find a divine who's hand is above them to protect and provide shelter. 

Where ethics take a back seat

And conspiracy to pull down the honest and innocent are always in full swing. 

But this doesn't last long.. Time has the strength to turn the tables. 

Justice is done and never denied. 

Betrayals are common and fidelity is a rarity. 

That doesn't stop people from trusting  and falling in love over and again. 

The morals taught are hardly practiced in real life. 

Here egos shout… 

and powerful ones are always heard… no matter they are wrong

And the meek ones suffer in silence. 

But this shall not last long. 

Believe in yourself . You don't need to prove your honesty and innocence for one day it shall definitely show up and it can't be hidden for long. 

The world shall acknowledge your pain. 

To fight for rights is an everyday plight. 

Still do it…  for if you don't, you shall not be able to change your situation. And if you fight… you may stand a better chance to win. 

I am confused rather than amused by the way.. World today is taking its shape. 

But that doesn't stop me from living my life.. My way. 

Keep going… keep moving

And this life shall sing your song one day. 

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