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Let go off the unwanted baggage

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

It's been a while now,

Since we all carried on our back the burden of unwanted baggage.

That has made us stoop and bend.

What good has it done to us all these years?

We have only struggled hard and been restless under its heavy weight.

It has caused only pain and no gain.

Anger, hatred, jealousy, greed , grudges and hurt is all that the bag is filled with.

The dust only accumulated over it with each passing year making it look more ugly and filthy.

Time to get rid of this baggage and bid it goodbye forever.

Let now the heavy weight of this baggage dwindle;

And once more we are set to rekindle the lost love and relationships.

Let us all shed our negativities and insecurities.

And keep things simple .

For life is all about loving, sharing , caring and serving.

And leave no room for hatred and misunderstandings .

Time to revive the little child in us once again;

Who forgives and forgets in no time;

Laughs without reason, loves without condition and shares without expectations.

Let us all be happy and carefree once again;

And find a place to dump and hide this unwanted baggage where it never sees light again.

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