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Life Changing Decision

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

It took some time

As I thought for a while

And it seemed worthwhile

After all, it was a decision for a lifetime.

My lifetime of happiness depended on this decision.

For once I take

There is no looking back.

Decisions once taken cannot be rolled back.

Decisions are life changing

Decisions are time consuming.

Decision exists where there is choice.

The choice that creates dilemma

In one's mind..

For one wrong decision taken at a moment

May ruin lifetime happiness.

Decisions to ease

Decisions to cease

The dilemma and confusion

That exists in one's mind.

Weigh its pros and cons

So that it cause no harm.

But take them before dawn

As decisions need to be taken in the nick of time.

Decision is an exercise

That rejuvenates the mind

Although it binds

But once taken; the dilemma shall be left far behind.

For then it has served the purpose for which it was actually designed.


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