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Love and Romance

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

It has no definite season and

Happens without any reason,

Without giving intimation in advance.

When the cupid strikes with an arrow;

A guy and a gal had bumped into each other by chance.

The arrow does tricks and the magic unveils;

Both have fallen in love in the blink of an eye already by then.

The world seems bright and fair

Let no one interfere, for they have each other to care .

The feeling gives immense pleasure and joy.

The happy moments spent in each other's company always go a long way in strengthening the bonds.

Romance has the capacity to generate a spark and bring the love birds closer to each other.

Those crazy fights that always end by making up and waking up the next day, with love only in thoughts and the heart that craves for the company of each other.

Romance has kept the flames of love burning within each other.

The love that has no beginning and no end.

The moonlight walks; Endless talks,

Besides the ocean with fingers locking each other's hand.

The passionate moments are sealed with a kiss.

Gives ultimate pleasure and is a sheer bliss.

Romance is always soul refreshing.

The candlelight dinner;

With a bottle of wine is just what the heart yearns for at times .

The eyes that see nothing beyond the love in each other's eyes.

Where the silence speaks volumes and words mean nothing;

Only the heart beats claiming

I am yours and you are mine.

Little doses of romance are needed from time to time

So the love only grows with time.

The naughty conversations and light flirtations create an atmosphere that's intoxicating and fascinating.

The lovely games of romance are rejuvenating.

Never let the romance fade or die

For it keeps the love birds tied to each other like a hook.

Dance to the tunes of love and romance,

When offered a chance.

If love is a blooming flower

Romance is its fragrance,

Together both make sense.

With Love and Romance commences a fruitful relationship between two strangers that is everlasting for it never withers but always blossoms with passing time.

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