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Love is always incomplete...

I once tried to define love.. 

But can we really define it.. 

Still I tried..

And what I found

Just amazed and dazed.. 

Love is a magnet; when it brings two hearts together

Love is blind;when it sees nothing beyond love. 

Love is sunshine; when it brightens one's life with its radiance. 

Love is a blessing, for only fortunate ones are blessed with it. 

Love is a blooming flower; that has the tendency to dispose of the gloom wIth  its sweet  fragrance. 

Love is a sacrifice; when it's not possessive . 

Love is unconditional; when it desires nothing in return. 

Love is sheer madness when it's absolute. 

Love is timeless when it doesn't age. 

Love is a warm blanket where underneath one feels safe and protected. 

Love is intense when it desires union with a person. 

Love is divine when bonds are unbreakable and rock solid. 

Love is violent when it makes one rebel. 

Love is a game of hide and seek; it's lost only to be found again. 

Love is toxic; when the element of respect is absent. 

Love is shallow; when it's reduced to lust. 

Love is hollow when feelings are not reciprocated. 

Love is a need when it comes to emotional well- being.

Love is what it does and makes one feel . 

Love keeps evolving and keeps changing forms. 

Love may be a mere drop of an ocean or ocean itself.. 

Still it's incomplete but it certainly has the capacity to make one complete. 

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