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Mirrors don't lie

I stood in front of the mirror

And when I saw my reflection in it everything looked just fine and picture perfect.

I admired myself for looking as charming and beautiful as ever.

It is always a pleasure to meet the person reflecting on the mirror.

Out of sudden, something struck me and I could not hold my eagerness

And asked the mirror ,

Do you see what I hide… beyond my looks, what's buried deep inside?

The mirror smiled, for it never lies.

It whispered.. No, I don't.

But why do you ask me; for I don't judge and you know the truth.

I just reflect back what you show.

I felt relaxed ; and thought for a moment;

What a big fool am I to ask the mirror,

It does not see the pain and sorrows I hide behind the smile.

For if it could see it, then it would have surely revealed.

The real me is only for me to see.

Yes, mirrors don't lie.

My flaws, my pain and tears, I concealed them with much due care.

Shocking but the truth... The darker side ..

My fears, my struggles, my worries are all mine.

And I dare not grant access to the world I live in.

The mirror is no exception.

I always took care that they don't show up and put on a brave face though at times I broke down and cried but stood up again with resilience and much strength.

The poor mirror fails to notice the mask I wear on my face.

Though it does not lie but is not so sharp to reveal the truth either.

I shine and dazzle in front of the mirror,

And it just reflects my brighter side.

I love my mirror for it's been kind

and has no mind to define the real me.

I give my mirror ten on ten

It just shows what I had liked to see .

But yes.. Mirrors don't lie..

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