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Money Magnetism

Updated: Feb 3

Money Magnetism

Money matters...Oh..really...Yes or No...I don' t know why I felt like writing this article. But somehow I can't even stop myself from expressing my views either.

Being a daughter of a banker, commerce graduate and spent considerable years in insurance work.. I cannot simply ignore the importance of money in our lives.

Money does hold value.. The most basic function of money being a medium of exchange and store of value.

Money is important to survive.. It is needed to sustain a decent living, to enjoy the pleasures;life has to offer and to meet the contingencies.

Most of the world's brutal wars would not have been witnessed, had money been not so important. Power is associated with money. The very strong economies of the world exist on the pillars of money. The strongest economies shatter when the currency fluctuates and weakens . Money decides the standards of living of the people of a country.

Had money been worthless, there would have been no use for teaching subjects like finance, economics and banking. Education is an investment.. Despite teaching one morals it teaches one to stand on its own and earn a livelihood.

Financial independence is must and should be given weightage at all times.One should always respect money and wisely handle the money matters. It's a need of the hour. A penny saved is a penny earned.

Try living a life without money for two days and one shall know its value instantly. Mind my words.. For they may sound harsh but are true. Or simply just try paying a roadside beggar a meagre ten bucks and he shall shower you with blessings for a lifetime to last.. The happiness and smile those ten bucks shall bring to his face shall be priceless. And enough to make one realize the value money holds.

Money vs Love.. Of course money is not greater than love but it's significance can't be undervalued either. Money is needed for financial stability. It comes to one's rescue in times of need to meet the fatalities as life has always been uncertain.Accidents and losses do happen after being much cautious and careful and we don't have control over it..To be honest, sometimes money comes to rescue even before the loved ones. Most of the women desire a husband who is financially well settled in life. And nothing wrong in that.. After all, we cannot live on love alone.In fact women these days are equal to men when it comes to earning and supporting the family and are financially independent. And this is a very practical approach. It's a pity when men blame women for wasting their precious money on undesirable and reckless shopping but would always point fingers on them when they desire to marry a man who is capable enough to look after her needs well and give her comforts despite love..and call her materialistic. And please I am not being a feminist when I say this. We as women have respect for money too like you guys. Or to put it another way, the father of any daughter would always give importance to the financial security of a man, he wishes to marry off his daughter despite love and other parameters. And why would the father give importance to financial stability is the fact that he loves his daughter and is concerned about her welfare and future. As simple as that.

Had money been just a piece of paper, a lot of people would not have ended up hiring vastu and feng shui experts to help them attract money and flourish in their lives and career. Their fingers would not have been loaded with money attracting gems. People would not run after the astrologers asking queries about money.

People would not be running to the chartered accountant at the time of filing income tax returns to evade tax , had money been of no worth. And these are the very people who take pride by saying we do not attach value to materialistic things and often blame the governments for not looking after the welfare of its people. Haha..

Most of the festivals and pujas would have had no meaning, had money been worthless.

Had money been just an ordinary piece of paper, there would not have been crimes related to theft and fraud.

One third would not visit temples, gurudwaras, churches and mosques to pray for wealth and prosperity.

Financial health of the nation is associated with money.

People work hard to earn money. That's what we humans are being taught since the time we start understanding what survival is all about.

Money earned through the right channels and fair means always flourish.

Having said so much about money, it would be worthwhile to highlight its limitations too.

Money doesn't make one immortal. No matter how much wealth one accumulates, death shall come to all rich and poor alike. Money can fulfill financial needs but cannot provide emotional support when one looks for one. Money can't buy love. For love is divine .This is where it fails miserably. Money is an evil when it creates a rift in relationships. To value money is important but do not compromise one's values, ethics and morals for money. Money is precious but few relations in life are priceless and must be cherished at all times. It is always desirable to have , value and hold money but one should never let it become a lust.

Recent coronavirus pandemic has taught us so much about life, money and relationships.. Those who had money also could not save their loved ones from the clutches of death despite being able to afford the best medical help which money could provide. They had tears in their eyes. And the ones who could not afford to pay for the medical help too had to bear the loss of their loved ones due to lack of money. Both the parties suffered loss of their dear ones and had tears in their eyes. But the ones who could afford the medical care had a little relief over the ones who could not afford to have one due to lack of insufficient funds. At least they tried their best to rescue their loved ones and did what they thought was best. And after the loss of their loved ones, its was the insurance money and other financial benefits which had come to support the families in need.

The article is not about judging but is all about awakening, keeping in mind the present scenario.. How much value should one attach to money in one's life? And it's a request when you call others being money- minded and materialistic.... Please do take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror first as when you point one finger at others, the rest four are pointing at you. 😉

I apologise if I hurt anyone's feelings unintentionally. These are just my views and one is always at discretion to choose what one believes and thinks is right.

Thank you for reading the article.

Cheers! Have a good day😊🙏

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