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My Pillow has witnessed it all

My Pillow has witnessed it all…

It knows when I am happy

It knows when I am sad.

Nothing is hidden from it like a true friend.

I share all my secrets with it; still it doesn't make me regret it.

For I know they shall never be out in the open.

It has never broken my trust.

It soaked my tears when I cried on it.

And gave me shelter to hide my fears.

It has always cuddled when the pain was hard to bear.

And made me feel safe and secure .

I snuggled my face into the pillow

when I needed a much desired escape.

Nothing's been more comforting than laying a tired head on my humble ,soft pillow.

I would hug it tight against my body and relax.

It has always been kind.

At times I have been crazy and lazy and just laid my head on it; My tender pillow had then made things easy and breezy for me.

It's seen me at my best;

It's seen me at my worst.

But has always welcomed me with open arms.

It's been a silent listener

all this while.

It has never questioned me;

It has never judged me;

Always clutched and caressed me with it's soft cottony touch during my trying times.

There were moments when I have bitten it hard so that my screams are not heard in the silence of the night.

Still it never complained;and

Saved me from the unwanted embarrassment.

It knows when I am restless,

And would just turn sides but could hardly sleep at night.

At that very moment it would

try its best to release the pressure and make me drift off

to sleep.

So that once again the pleasant dreams make their way .

I had woke up feeling fresh and rejuvenated next day;

All set to pursue my dreams

and turn them into reality; which seemed impossible last night.

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Jan 08, 2022

सुन्दर कविता के हम भी कुछ कहें

हर पिलो की है यही अपनी कहनी

कभी खुशी तो कभी सोखते पानी

कितने राज दफ़न है इनके अंदर

नींद और आराम के लिए देते कुर्बानी

कभी इनको दबाया जाता दर्द में

कभी निचोड़ा जाता है खुशी में

मगर ये बोलते नहीं चुप रहते

चुपचाप पड़े सहारा देते रहते

अकेलेपन का बड़ा सहारा हैं

गले लगा इनको होता गुजारा है

कभी सिर के नीचे तो कभी बाहों में

इनको ही पता हमारा हाल सारा है

आराम के बहुत बड़े साथी हैं ये

साथ इनका तो सारी उम्र प्यारा है

Mukta Kapur
Mukta Kapur
Jan 08, 2022
Replying to

Thank you for the wonderful kavita and valuable feedback.. Have a good day.. Pillow knows it all😊❤🙏

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