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Mystical memories

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Mystical Memories

There are times when I had sat all alone,

It's cold and dark;

There is surely no one to talk .

At those very moments I had heard a gentle tap and knock

And I would get up and slowly open the lock.

The memories would then barge in and rock,

And there's no way to block and stop.

For memories take the liberty to visit at this hour of the clock.

Pleasant memories would visit like charming guests.

They bring with them laughter and smiles.

The happy moments of the past seem alive and vivid again.

Although they stay for a short while

But make the moment living again worthwhile.

Sweet memories give us pleasure

Which one can't measure

And are worth a treasure

Other times when bitter memories

had made their way;

They had a lot to say.

No matter how much hard I try to shoo them away,

Still they had to stay and weigh.

They enter like thieves and rob the present.

They give us pain,

And the tears they bring are hard to drain.

And these memories certainly don't fit into my frame.

But all in vain;

As I can't stop them from coming again and again.

There are times when memories had entered like ghosts;

They would haunt and scare,

And shall leave no room to spare

For the pain is hard to bear.

And that's not fair

For I am certainly not prepared to handle their stare.

The mystical world of memories

may sometimes soothe, heal, please and ease.

Other times would tease, steal and displease.

But they would stay in mind like a seal.

And time and again would appear and reappear with zeal.

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