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Never give up

Never give up on the dreams

No matter how hard they seem to accomplish at this hour.

Dreams have always made a life worth living .

Never give up on the hope

The wings of hope cling to the dreams and inspire one to make them turn into reality.

Be a fighter, not an escapist

When it comes to pursuing dreams.

Carry an attitude of 'Let's go for it' rather than waiting for miracles to happen.

Never give up on the wish until it is realized.

Do not rely on luck when it comes to chasing dreams.

For luck may betray but hard work always pays.

Don't be stuck into one place,

For you are no stone.

Be like a wind, like a river that keeps moving , piercing and making way through all the obstacles .

The river and wind always know the direction they are heading towards.

Always stand tall and look high up the skies

Reach out for the goals , never give up on them,

All the more when the world tries to pull you down.

Take it as a challenge .

Gather yourself for you have the ability and strength within you.

Just need to unfold the wings,

And let the flight take you to the desired destinations.

Seeds once planted never bear the fruits the very next day.

They need water, sunlight and abundant care and nourishment.

To grow into a fruit bearing tree.

The tiny little seed withstands extreme temperatures with patience and at the right time blooms and blossoms .

The dreams are like seeds

They need to be worked upon and require plenty of hard work, time, patience, dedication and determination.

So that they are no longer dreams but are the much awaited achievements which are realized with time.

The dreams once accomplished give immense pleasure and joy.

Dream big, dream small

Dream with eyes shut or open

But never stop dreaming.

Dreams do come true

When one is passionate and believes in them and has the zest to pursue them and never gives up.. 💞

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