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Puzzled by Time


Time has no wings

Still it flies.

Time has no eyes

Still it watches silently and is a witness to everything.

Time is not sand

Still it slips out of the hand.

Time is not a wind

Still it never stays at one place and keeps on moving.

Time is a precious

Still it can't be hidden in lockers


The wounds given by time are healed only with time.

Time can be the best friend at one moment and worst enemy another moment.

The wicked games of time

can make make one rise and shine;

Other moments steal everything and can make one kneel.


Time is not a choreographer

Still the sun, moon and stars dance to its tunes.

Time is not a weapon

Still no one can escape its attack.

Time is not a magician

Still it can turn a vagabond into a king and vice- versa.

Time is not a judge

Still its decisions are always fair and just.

Time is not a disciplinarian

Still it has set rules for life and death .

And make sure they obey.


Time is not a treasure

Still it is valuable.

Time is infinite

It has no beginning and end.

Still our time on this planet is already decided in advance.


The more I think about time, the less I have it.

So why waste time

Make the best use of time

For time once gone, it never comes back again.

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