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Rocking chair

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

My Rocking chair always took care

And together we made a rocking pair.

She always welcomed me with open arms

I would sit on her lap

And she would gently tap.

Her handles would clutch me in times of pain.

She did wonders when my mind wandered;

I took solace in her company

For it was not just an ordinary chair

I silently shared all my sorrows and joys with her.

The bond we shared

Cannot be compared .

Her rocking motion lulled my restless soul;

And I felt so safe and secure in her arms.

Until one day, a wicked thing happened

Time took its toll and she broke and collapsed ;

Her death brought a sudden halt to our rocking moments.

Alas! I had lost a dear friend.

Now who would soothe my wandering soul.

And that's so unfair.

Me and my Rocking chair;

Were once a rocking pair

A combination so rare.

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