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Sex Sells, Love does not

Updated: Feb 3

Sex sells, Love does not

Can we buy love? We all would say without even thinking twice a big 'No'. And that's pretty fair. For love is sacred and divine..Love is supreme. It's priceless. Love is the connection of minds, soul and bodies apart from satisfying just physical needs. Love is a beautiful emotion, a positive feeling.

What about sex..Sex is done to satisfy mere physical needs. There are no emotions and feelings attached to it.It is convenient as there are no strings attached to it. Just to derive the physical pleasure,people indulge in sex. Of course there are buyers for sex .That is why it sells. Had there been no buyers, it would not sell. As simple as it sounds. It has always been a controversial topic..

Whether it's legal or illegal. It sells and we all know it. Though we dare not to be open about it in public. It is a much guarded secret.

Why do women try to sell it? And men.. What lures them to go for it.

It is not something new. There were buyers for sex in the past. There are now.. Maybe more than yesterday.From the Rajas and Maharajas to the common man, all have been lured by female bodies and sought pleasure by paying for it. It's something that has not come up today but is centuries old.

We all talk a lot about equal rights for women. But the truth is women are still considered as mere objects of sex by most men.Though men too are not left behind in the race when it comes to getting paid for sex in the present scenario.

But my article is from a female's perspective as they are more vulnerable and are objectified more than men. Women are easy targets. The male dominant society has always considered women's bodies as objects rather than treating them as human.But it does not mean that all men are similar. Real gentlemen do exist. And I am blessed to have met and surrounded by real men in my life in the form of my father, uncles, brother etc who have always valued women's respect more than their own and could go to the extent of giving their lives to safeguard their respect and pride.

Leave aside men.. What about women.. Why do some women sell their bodies.. Is it more convenient to get paid for the activity than any other decent jobs? Or maybe their circumstances have forced them into this? If they failed to respect their bodies.. Why blame men for buying it? As far as I know, being a woman, and through my experience of what I have seen in life, in most of the cases, it's the situation that has forced women into it. No woman would otherwise risk her self respect,had the circumstances been fair. But we cannot rule out the existence of exceptions as few women have sold their bodies to fulfill their materialistic desires and for monetary gains.

So who is to be blamed for social evil that still continues though under a cover.. A woman for selling it or a man for buying it..?

Unless and until women take charge of their bodies and treat it with respect and men do realize that women are much more than an object that they can play with to satisfy their lust, things are not going to change. Our thinking, our actions, our education, surroundings, the way we are brought up goes a long way in shaping our personalities.

A change in society is not brought on its own. It has to be worked out. The issue is a subject matter of concern and needs to be dealt with judiciously.

Sex gives a momentary pleasure but love, it is everlasting. Then why seek temporary satisfaction. Why stoop so low?

We have heard about instances where the heavily indebted husband has deliberately pushed his wife to have sex with other person for money so that he is able to repay his debts.The poor woman has no say and obeys her husband for if she doesn't her marriage is at stake.The poor woman finds herself helpless for she is not bold enough to fight on her own. Only blood comes from my eyes when I hear such stories. A woman must have been so helpless, would have undergone so much agony and pain and would have died thousand deaths before accepting this, one can only imagine her plight.

And we've heard of situations where a few college girls indulge in it to support their fees and higher education, as their families are unable to support them financially .

And then, there are children of disturbed families who are unable to trust and find it more suitable than going for a relationship due to the fear that it shall not work out . It happened with their parents in the past.

There are so many reasons for why sex is sold. One can only make assumptions.

Where are we heading to? The world where moral values and ethics have taken a back seat.

The piece of paper called money created by us has become so powerful that it has made us lose all our senses.. Unable to distinguish between the right and wrong.

It's very easy to pass on the blame to others.. But the reality is we all are at fault. Maybe we all have failed somewhere as an individual, parents, teachers, as a society in imparting our children the moral and ethical values, specially when it comes to sex. We are still conservative and do not feel comfortable discussing these issues with them.

It is one of the prime reasons why marriages fail these days. It's a shame on us. Please do not let true love become a thing of the past. Sex does has the capacity to attract and lure but then it's like a bubble that vanishes in no time. Not to mention that long term effects are frightening and devastating on both men and women.

Love, on the other hand, has positive effects for the joy it provides is everlasting.Love is comforting and relaxing. It generates positive vibes and gives a sense of security.Love is all about respect, care, trust , faith and affection which the couples have for each other which makes it supreme.

The only price it asks for is just honesty, faith and trust. In return one receives unconditional love, support, pleasures and joy that lasts forever. To love and be loved in return is one of the greatest blessings of life. Love Is pure.

Our future is in our hands. The issue discussed here in the article needs to be dealt with urgently.

Please do not let women become victims of sex selling.

Take a step as an individual, as a society. If you find a woman who is helpless, help her and do not try to take advantage of her miserable situation. Be kind and compassionate. Do not exploit her. Teach your children, be it male or female to respect their bodies and impart moral values.

Not everything comes with a price tag. Money cannot buy self respect, character, love, faith, dignity and trust which are far more important to live a happy and content life.

Value love, value human life. Don't be materialistic. As quoted by Mahatma Gandhi, " Be the change you wish to see in the world. " Stop judging.

Let us all work together as an individual, society and make this world a safe and secure place for women to live in.

Thank you..

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