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Shh.. Silence

Shh.. Silence

Can you hear the silence..

It needs no words to express

Though speaks volumes

Silence communicates;

Silence rejuvenates.

Silence is a weapon to end an argument.

Silence does hit and kill in bits.

Silence conceals and also reveals.

Silence knows to play hide n' seek.

Silence is understood

Often misunderstood.

Silence is a virtue; silence is vice

It portrays both the traits likewise.

Silence questions

And answers what is unanswered.

Silence before the storms

Silence after the storms

Always warn.

And are cause of concern.

Silence chills;

Silence pricks;

Silence thrills

And silence fills .

Silence annoys

And may destroy.

Silence is an art

For it plays smart.

Silence is a robber

It steals the words and

Makes one speechless.

Silence is a magnet which attracts and always brings lips together.

Silence to convey consent

Silent to convey withdrawal.

Silence calms

Silence may act as pill

And takes away the ill.

Silence to introspect;

Silence to meditate.

Silence is always perfect at times.

Silence is always heard

No matter how..

I can hear it.. Can you..



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